Apple raises concerns over UK’s draft surveillance bill

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Apple has raised concerns about the UK’s draft Investigatory Powers Bill.

The proposed law aims to overhaul rules governing the way the authorities can access people’s communications.

The tech giant, Apple, has passed on its thoughts to a parliamentary committee scrutinising the legislation.

It focuses on three issues: encryption, the possibility of having to hack its own products, and the precedent it would set by agreeing to comply with UK-issued warrants.

Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter have also filed their own responses to the committee, which will publish the details in due course.

None of the companies have disclosed what they have said.

However, a spokesman for Microsoft commented:

“The legislation must avoid conflicts with the laws of other nations and contribute to a system where like-minded governments work together, not in competition, to keep people more secure. We appreciate the government’s willingness to engage in an open debate and will continue to advocate for a system that is workable on a global basis.”

The Home Secretary Theresa May said in November that the new law was needed to fight crime and terror.

Monday was the final deadline for written evidence. The committee is expected to report in February 2016.

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