Bug Sweeping & Counter Measures

Corporate – Boardroom and work place confidentiality

Just one strategically placed listening device hidden in a boardroom during an AGM or critical meeting is all that is needed to compromise your company’s secrets. Defend against such risks with our pre-meeting electronic countermeasures including a full bug sweep.

Private Sector – High Net Worth & High Profile Clientele

Ensure that your ‘private life’ does not become ‘public’ by employing preventative measures that are designed to compliment your existing security.

We offer a discreet and highly confidential bug sweeping service, available at short notice, to scan client residences, hotel rooms and work place facilities for all known transmitters and covert listening devices. If you are concerned that your private or business dealings may have been compromised by the placement of such a device then we can help. Our specialist teams, employed by Government and Law Enforcement Agencies Worldwide, utilise a full complement of the latest equipment with over £100,000 worth of dedicated search technology available to assist with securing your privacy.

If you are concerned please feel free to contact us directly. If calling may we suggest you do this away from the area of concern, ideally use a public pay phone. If this is not possible, GSM mobile phones can be considered a safe option unless your perceived threat level is extremely high.