Intelligence / Evidence

Evidence Gathering

Knowing when and how to obtain the required evidence is what surveillance is all about.  Surveillance Limited will discuss your objective with you and offer advice as to the best way of achieving this objective.  We will ensure that the intelligence / evidence required is then obtained in the most covert and cost effective manner.

Evidence Presentation

This will be in the form of photographs, video footage, a daily log of events and, if required, written statements. All will be to the standard and format that will be required should they need to be presented at court.

Advanced Photography

Surveillance that does not obtain intelligence or evidence is worthless to our clients. This is why our staff are trained to gather high quality photography and/or video footage to support their observations, all of which is date and time stamped.  Experience over years of giving evidence at court has shown that good video footage and photographic evidence is very hard to discredit.