Protective Surveillance

Surveillance can be used very effectively to ensure that you, your family or your colleagues are not being followed.

If you need to know whether or not you are being followed, counter surveillance can be employed.  This can take the form of our operatives covertly watching your movements, their sole purpose being to identify those individuals who may have been employed to follow you or are doing so for their own reasons (stalking, criminality, etc).  Should we identify that you are being followed we can then “watch the watchers” and ascertain whether they are working alone or as part of a professional team. We will then gather intelligence on these individuals in order to identify who they are.

Protective Surveillance should not however be confused with Close Protection.  Surveillance Limited operatives are not overt bodyguards but covert surveillance operatives.  We will remain covert at all times and will only intervene should we believe that the safety of our client is about to be compromised.