Surveillance Training

At Surveillance Limited we have the experience and expertise to assist you with all your surveillance training needs.  Our trainers are not only highly experienced practitioners but also qualified teachers.

All of our trainers are ex Metropolitan Police instructors who have taught surveillance both in the public and private sector.  Agencies taught by our instructors include British Special Forces, British Intelligence Services and law enforcement agencies, both in the UK and overseas.

All courses are bespoke and designed for your specific needs.  Areas covered are:

  • Basic and advanced foot surveillance
  • Basic and advanced mobile surveillance
  • Anti and counter surveillance
  • Static observations
  • Evidence gathering and presentation
  • Log and statement writing
  • Forensic Retrieval
  • Rural surveillance
  • Basic and advanced photography
  • Team leadership and operational command
  • Street awareness and personal safety

These courses are available to recognised agencies and organisations.

Due to the sensitive nature of this type of training, private requests will be considered on an individual basis.